Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel by Peter Paul Rubens

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Arundel, Alatheia Talbot, Countess (Thomas Howard) Arundel; c.1585-1654.-"Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel" (with court jester and dwarf Robin; behind her poss. Sir Dudley Carleton).-Painting, 1620, by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640). Oil on canvas, 261 x 265cm.

This artwork of Rubens is also known as: Porträt der Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel.

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Fine Art Reproduction, individual art card: Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel

Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel


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Canvas on stretcher

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Glass Print



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Article no.: RP123187

Location: Alte Pinakothek, München, Deutschland

Art category: Baroque

Picture content: Group

Painting Technique: oil on canvas

Search Words: -painting, 1577-1640, 1585-1654, 1620, Alatheia, Arundel, Behind, Carleton, countess, court, dudley, dwarf, her, howard, jester, paul, peter, portrait, poss, robin, rubens, sir, talbot, thomas

Fine Art Reproductions

We produce Rubens art prints, often referred to as posters, as art reproductions on high quality papers using digital printing technology. We print them on Canon iPF 9400 large format printers. These systems are characterized by an extremely high resolution and thanks to the 12-color ink system also by an enormously large color space and finest color gradations. The quality is significantly better than e.g. on color laser printers or in offset or screen printing. And best of all: You can choose between different papers, such as art paper, canvas, photo paper and watercolor paper. In addition, you determine the size and section of the picture »Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel« itself.

Canvas on Stretcher

Our canvas prints of the motif »Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel« are printed on high-quality canvas using high-end digital printers (Canon iPF 9400). The prints impress with the finest color nuances, large color space and UV resistance. They are hand-crafted onto real stretcher frames. And everything is guaranteed Made in Germany! Please note that under the product Art Print you can also order this motif printed on canvas without stretcher frame.

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Pictures from Peter Paul Rubens you can also buy framed. In addition to a variety of wood and aluminum moldings we also offer passe-partouts and various surface protection options. All frames are handmade in our own factory. Naturally all framings are Made in Germany. Individually framed, the picture »Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel« really comes into its own!

Glass Pictures

Our glass pictures from Peter Paul Rubens are printed directly on glass for you. This creates noble pictures in a high-quality appearance. Rounded edges and a hidden mounting on the back complete the product.

Wall Papers

»Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel« from artist Rubens as space-filling art! Our wallpapers make it possible. Printed in latex printig technology on high-quality fleece material in cm-exact sizes ensure perfectly styled walls in your home.

Alu Composite Pictures

Aluminum composite panels consist of a sandwich construction of aluminum sheets (outside) and PVC material (inside). The picture »Portrait of Alatheia Talbot, Countess of Arundel« is printed with an UV printing process. Thanks to the floating suspension, you can create a modern ambience in every home. Especially offices and shops benefit from the futuristic design.