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Artists portrait of Janosch


  • Born: 11. March 1931
Janosch, born Horst Eckert in Poland in 1931, is a well-known German children's author and illustrator. Although he is primarily known for his writing, Janosch is also a talented painter.

Janosch's childhood was marked by war and upheaval. He was separated from his parents at a young age and spent time in several institutions before finally reuniting with his mother. Despite these difficulties, he developed a love for art and literature from an early age.

Janosch's painting style is characterized by bright colors, bold lines, and a childlike playfulness. He often incorporates animals and nature into his paintings, drawing on his childhood experiences in the Polish countryside. His paintings have been described as "whimsical" and "fantastical," and they often have a dreamlike quality.

In addition to his children's books, Janosch has also published several collections of his paintings. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Germany and Europe.

Janosch's paintings have a wide appeal, both to children and adults. His unique style and whimsical subject matter have made him a beloved figure in the world of children's literature and art. Despite his success, Janosch has remained humble and dedicated to his craft, continuing to create and inspire others with his work.
The pictures are predominantly assigned to the art direction Pictures for Kids.
Janosch was mainly concerned with the following motives: Genre.
The art works of the artist are dominated by the colors white, pastel and gray.

Stretcher on canvas

Our canvas prints are handmade in our own workshop. Either the canvas print or the art print laminated on a canvas is stretched onto a quality keyless frame. Perfectly wedged and provided with a suspension, the canvas image can be hung directly. Optionally, we also offer each canvas picture framed, i.e. with floater frame. »Lunchtime« of Janosch as a canvas image also beautifies your home.

Framed pictures

We frame almost every picture. You can choose from many different frames. Passepartouts are just as much a part of your choice as are various options for surface protection. So »Boat trip« of Janosch becomes a highlight for your living room or bedroom.