Woman in dress II by New Life Collection

This Picture is available as hand crafted reproduction.

This image has the following advantages: with effectglitter!

This artwork of New Life Collection is also known as: Frau im Kleid II.

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hand crafted reproduction: New Life Collection, Woman in dress II

New Life Collection, Woman in dress II

70,0 × 140,0 cm hand crafted reproduction
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213,90 € 171,12 €
 Gallery Stretcher (18mm height)
 Museum Stretcher (42mm height)
 White border
 Printed on boarder
 Border mirrored
 without coating
 artist thick-film finishing
 15 x 10 cm
 18 x 13 cm
 21 x 15 cm
 14 x 14 cm
 21 x 10,5 cm
 30 x 10 cm
 50 x 50 cm
 60 x 40 cm
 70 x 50 cm
 70 x 70 cm
 80 x 60 cm
 100 x 50 cm
 100 x 70 cm


 Aluminum composite white 3mm



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Article no.: OR003197

Art category: Abstract Art

Picture content: Portrait

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