Pictures of
Joseph Mallord William Turner

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Artists portrait of Joseph Mallord William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner

    Landscape painter of the Romantic period

    Joseph Mallord William Turner was born on April 23, 1775, in Covent Garden, London. He was an outstanding British landscape painter and a central figure of the Romantic period.

    Turner showed exceptional artistic talent at a young age and was considered an early prodigy of the art world. At the age of 14, he became a student at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, where he further developed his skills in painting and drawing.

    Turner was an extremely prolific artist who worked in a variety of genres, but is best known for his striking depictions of landscapes. His paintings were characterized by their vivid colors, atmospheric effects, and dramatic use of light and shadow. Turner had the ability to capture the mood and emotion of a place, and his works often had a strong poetic and romantic character.

    During his career, Turner traveled extensively throughout Europe to find inspiration for his landscape paintings. He was fascinated by the various landscapes, the sea and nature in general. His works depict idyllic scenes as well as wild and stormy forces of nature.

    Turner's style continued to evolve over the years. While he aimed for detailed and realistic depiction in his early works, his style became freer and more experimental over time. His later works became more abstract and impressionistic, and he experimented with color and form to capture the essence of what he was depicting.

    Turner enjoyed both acclaim and criticism during his lifetime. His bold compositions and avant-garde approach to painting were not accepted by all. Nevertheless, he had a significant influence on subsequent generations of artists and is now considered one of the most influential landscape painters in the history of art.

    Joseph Mallord William Turner died in London on December 19, 1851. His legacy as an artist is of great importance. His works are exhibited in prestigious museums around the world and valued for their innovative approach to light, color and atmosphere. Turner's paintings are a living testament to his love of nature and his distinctive artistic expression.

    To our knowledge the art works on this page were created in the years from 1796 to 1845.
    Joseph Mallord William Turner uses for the pictures shown here mostly the technique: Huile sur toile.
    The pictures are predominantly assigned to the art direction Romanticism.
    Joseph Mallord William Turner was mainly concerned with the following motives: Landscapes.
    The art works of the artist are dominated by the colors pastel, gray and brown.
    4 works of the artist Joseph Mallord William Turner can be found here: Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection, USA.

    Stretcher on canvas

    Our canvas prints are handmade in our own workshop. Either the canvas print or the art print laminated on a canvas is stretched onto a quality keyless frame. Perfectly wedged and provided with a suspension, the canvas image can be hung directly. Optionally, we also offer each canvas picture framed, i.e. with floater frame. »Mount Vesuvius in Eruption, 1817« of Joseph Mallord William Turner as a canvas image also beautifies your home.

    Framed pictures

    We frame almost every picture. You can choose from many different frames. Passepartouts are just as much a part of your choice as are various options for surface protection. So »Venice, Entrance to the Grand Canal« of Joseph Mallord William Turner becomes a highlight for your living room or bedroom.

    Glass pictures

    The glass pictures we offer are printed using the UV printing process. Polished edges, scratch-resistant surface, safety glass and floating suspension create a modern ambience in your home. So the glass image »Moonlight over Lake Lucerne against the backdrop of Mount Rigi« of Joseph Mallord William Turner is guaranteed to impress you and every visitor.

    Wall papers

    Spacefull art from Joseph Mallord William Turner. This gives »Inverary Pier, Loch Fyne, Morning, c.1840-50« a whole new look. The wallpapers are printed according to your information in the latex printing process on solid fleece material.